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Grant writing (Workshop)

Monday 12 June 2023Add to my calendar
14:30 to
MM 02.630
PhD platform
Part 1: drs. Kwan Lee & drs. Joeri Jorg (Grant & Funding support), part 2: prof. dr Karin Roelofs & prof. dr. Tibor Bosse
The fundamentals of the grant landscape (part 1) & experiences by BSI colleagues

What about grants?

The BSI PhD platform is excited to announce that we're organizing a new set of events aimed at building new skills! This first set of new workshops is aimed at familiarizing PhD students with academic grants. Although grants are an essential part of the inner workings of academia, the way the system of grants actually works is something that is often quite opaque to most PhD students. Nevertheless, grants are an important part of how universities operate (in fact, your position may be paid through one!), and for those of us that will continue our academic careers after our PhD, applying for them will become an integral part of our work.

Workshop 12 June
As such, we're organizing two events that will help make this system easier to navigate. Our first session will take place on June 12th, 15:00 - 17:00, and will consist of two parts.

1st Part: Fundamentals of the grant landscape
The first part will be facilitated by Kwan Lee and Joeri Jorg from the Faculty of Social Sciences' Grant & Funding support, and they will give an introduction to the fundamentals of the grant landscape: what grants are, how they work, who the major funders are (in NL/Europe), and what it takes to secure one.

2nd Part: experiences prof. dr. Karin Roelofs & prof. dr. Tibor Bosse
The second part of this session will consist of two researchers at the BSI  who have extensive experience with grant applications (Dr. Karin Roelofs and Dr. Tibor Bosse) sharing their own experiences with applying for grants: how they approached the various grants that they applied to, what worked for them, and also what didn't.

In principle the first event is intended for PhD students that are mostly unfamiliar with the grant system and want to learn more.

2nd Workshop: 19 June
The second event will take place on June 19th, from 14:30 to 16:00, and will be facilitated by Liliya Levandovska, who is a Grant Advisor specialized in EU funding, and it will provide more of a hands-on approach with the grant application and writing process. More information about this workshop.

The second event is intend for PhD students that are to some extent already familiar with how grants work and what kinds of grants there are, and want to know more concretely how best to go about applying for one.

Having said that, these two events are certainly not mutually exclusive, and you can definitely choose to attend both!

We're looking forward to it, and we hope to see many of you there!

Jessica Vergeer

If you're interested, please sign up for the event using the following link: https://psychru.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4GHFlofUzrtwvDE.

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