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Spotlight colloquium prof. Christina Salmivalli (University of Turku) (Colloquium)

Tuesday 14 February 2023Add to my calendar
14:00 to
MM 0.029
Tessa Lansu
Prof. Christina Salmivalli
Targeted interventions addressing bullying: What explains their success or failure?

During four decades, numerous school-based bullying prevention programs have been developed and evaluated. Meta-analyses (e.g., Gaffney et al., 2019; Ttofi & Farrington, 2011) indicate that such programs have positive average effects, as compared with treatment as usual. However, the effects are small to moderate, and they are especially weak among some specific groups, such as adolescents. After all the progress made, too many young people still suffer from being bullied. Furthermore, findings suggest that the remaining victims may be even worse off than before in contexts where the overall level of victimization decreases – the phenomenon known as the Healthy Context Paradox (Garandeau & Salmivalli, 2019). It is suggested that besides average effects of preventive, universal multi-component programs, more attention should be devoted to targeted interventions addressing specific cases of bullying. More precisely, we should investigate the characteristics and conditions of youth who remain victimized or continue bullying others despite targeted interventions, and identify factors – at multiple levels – that are related to intervention failure.

Information about the speaker:
Christina Salmivalli is a professor of psychology and the deputy head of the INVEST flagship research center (https://invest.utu.fi/) at the University of Turku, Finland. She has done research on school bullying and its evidence-based prevention for three decades. Her team developed the KiVa® antibullying program, which is implemented in large scale in Finland and in 20 other countries. Salmivalli has published widely on children’s peer relations and bullying in top-tier scientific journals. She received the Finnish Science Award in 2017. The award is granted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture based on the proposal of the Board of the Academy of Finland, in recognition of significant scientific achievements. In 2020, she was a recipient the European Research Council’s (ERC) Advanced Grant for a 5-year project to study the most challenging cases of bullying. In 2021, Salmivalli received the William Thierry Prayer Award (European Association for Developmental Psychology) for excellence in research on human development.

Prof. Christina Salmivalli is the most influential bullying researcher of the past 20 years. Her focus on bullying being a group process rather than a dyadic process between perpetrator and victim and the subsequently developed anti bullying program KiVa have had a major impact on anyone studying bullying and the consequences of bully victimization. In the past 10 years she has been a keynote speaker at many large scale influential international conferences with 700-5000 attendees, such as the World Anti Bullying Forum, attracting large audiences.

Tessa Lansu

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Salmivalli, Christina