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Vidi-grant for research 'Our sense of smell' from Jasper de Groot

Date of news: 8 July 2022

Jasper de Groot

For his research 'Our sense of smell' Jasper de Groot recently received a vidi-grant. We are now able to do even more research how our sense of smell influences our lives. How can we explain the chemistry between us? Our sense of smell is a mysterious and delicate sense. In this project the researchers will discover the actual molecules that cause us to take over another person’s emotions like fear. How smells contribute to intimacy and safety within our romantic relationships will also be uncovered. And how strongly does (long-during) smell loss, like we have seen with COVID-19, the quality of our relationships and of our own life? These are uncharted territories that are relevant now because they directly impact the life quality of people longing for more scientific knowledge and recognition.