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The Adaptive Learning Lab (ALL) combines dr. Molenaar research on adaptive learning technologies and self-regulated learning. ALL is an innovative technologically intensive research lab and is recognized as a pioneer in the field of technology enhanced learning and learning analytics.

Her work focusses on how data, learning analytics and artificial intelligence can improve education. she envisions Hybrid Human-Systems that empower teachers and learners by augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Innovations can make teaching and learning more efficient, effective and responsive and hold promise for the provision of inclusive, quitable and quality education. The empowerment of teachers and students is central in this transition and her work.

The Lab is focused on the on-going “fusion” between humans and technical systems. With technology increasingly gaining more data and intelligence, a new era of human-system interaction is emerging. Especially in education, the trend of one device per student furthers the integration of technology in human learning. In this setting, interactions between learners, teachers and technology are becoming increasingly complex. The aim of our research is to foreground the systematic complexity of human-system interaction in education and use systematic approaches to be unravel this. Click here to read our view on AI in education.

The adaptive learning lab combines two related research lines:

  1. Designing and developing adaptive innovative learning technologies
  2. Investigating how adaptive learning technologies used at scale in schools affect learning and teaching practices

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Questions about our research projects, interested in using data sets or collaboration, or curious when and where we present our findings?

Please contact us at adaptivelearninglab@bsi.ru.nl.

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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Our projects are conducted in collaboration with external collaborators.

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