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Designing and developing innovative learning technologies

Within our first research line, we developed several new learning technologies, such as Jeffies World for vocabulary development, Yread to support regulation of reading in vocational education students and the learning path app to support young learners’ regulation. Our main research focus has been on advanced measurement and support of self-regulated learning using data, learning analytics and artificial intelligence. This has yielded several landmark publications. ALL has developed innovative measurements for SRL and translated this into novel support tools for learners.

Furthermore, we established the EARLI Centre for Innovative Research, a solid and successful collaboration among leading SRL experts. This facilitates in-depth collaborations with top international researchers and innovative grant proposals.

Relevant projects within this research line
Yread, Raak-Pro project  (SIA) in collaboration with Hogeschool van Rotterdam
Iprogress, VENI project (NWO) in collaboration with Snappet and Gynzy
FLORA, ORA project (NWO) in collaboration with Technical University of Munich and University of Edinburgh