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YRead project

Enhancing collaborative task-oriented reading in vocational secondary schools

This project aims to enhance task-oriented reading in vocational secondary school students via reciprocal peer tutoring (RPT) with an ICT-tool in four integrated studies. The first study examines how RPT influences the use of task-oriented reading strategies during a learning task. The second study focuses on the application of reading strategies in response to task complexity. The third study examines the influence of an ICT tool on RPT in perspective of the development of correct task representations, strategy selection and awareness of reading strategies. In addition, the fourth study investigates the effects of the ICT tool on students’ individual task-oriented reading.

Recent publications

  • Kachergis, G., Kielstra, J., Bokkers, L., Persad, B., & Molenaar, I. (2018). Detecting reading strategies during task-oriented reading: Building an automated classifier. In Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments (PALE 2018). Kravcik, M., Santos, OC, Boticario, JG, Bielikova, M., Horvath, T. and Torre I.(Eds.). 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2018), CEUR workshop proceedings, this volume.
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  • Kielstra, J.G.G.M.A., Molenaar, I., Taub, M. & Azevedo, R. (2017). Socially shared regulated learning with MetaTutor. In 17th Biennial Conference EARLI: Book of Abstracts and Extend Summaries (pp. 84). Leuven: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)