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Investigating how learning technologies used at scale in schools affect learning and teaching practices

The impact of adaptive learning technologies on teachers and learners in schools is central to our second research line. This work produces reports for schools and has also been translated into publications that have won international awards. This ground-breaking research is also the basis for my consultations for different national and internationals bodies such as the Dutch Ministries of Education and Economics, UNESCO and the OECD. Our solid collaborative network and international reputation is evidenced by participation in collaborative research networks (ECIR), invitations to international workshops (NSF, USA) and invitations to give keynotes (LASSI, 2019: EARLI SIG 16 and SIG 27, 2020), invitations to join expert committees (UNESCO, 2019) and invitations to give international talks with the Dutch Minister of Education (UNESCO, 2019). Overall our pioneering research and technologies are greatly appreciated in the educational community. Our more mature technologies are also used at scale: Jeffies World is now part of the national vocabulary program used by toddlers and their partners around the Netherlands for learning new words.

Relevant projects within this research line
Breakthrough project: Onderwijsvernieuwing met een adaptief leermiddel: Richting gepersonaliseerd leren. In collaboration with Lucas Onderwijs en Stichting Klasse.
Onderzoek naar Snappet: gebruik en effectiviteit. In collaboration with Stichting Klasse and Snappet, financed by Kennisnet.
Onderwijs optimalisatie met de Tablet: van het boek achter glas tot gepersonaliseerd leren. In collaboration with PulseOn, ThiemeMeulenhof and Hondsrug college, financed by Kennisnet.