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Anne Horvers MSc.

PhD Candidate & Junior researcher

Contact information
Visiting address
Maria Montessorigebouw
Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen
Post address
Postbus 9104 
6500 HE Nijmegen

Educational technologies and learning

Adaptive learning technologies (ALTs) are widely used in Dutch primary education. ALTs successfully adjust task difficulty to students’ ability level, but neglect the role of emotion. My PhD project investigates emotion during learning to find out how emotional information can be incorporated into ALTs. First, emotions during learning with an ALT are assessed using physiological measurements (arousal), self-reports (valence) and observations (emotion type). Next, the relation between task difficulty and emotion is investigated to inform the design of two new algorithms that include emotional information to adjust task difficulty. The relative effectiveness of the new algorithms is compared to the default algorithm used in ALTs.

Recent publications

  • Horvers A., Molenaar, I., Dijkstra, R. (2021). Combining multimodal data to explore emotion during learning with an ALT? Workshop CrossMMLA Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference 2021.
  • Horvers A., Molenaar, I., Dijkstra, R. (2021). How do young learners use increased autonomy and personalized visualizations to regulate their learning? International Biennial Conference of EARLI 2021.
  • Horvers A., Bosse, T., Lazonder, A. & Molenaar, I. (2021). Exploring students’ emotions during learning with adaptive learning technologies: a multimodal approach. International Biennial Conference of EARLI 2021.
  • Horvers, A., Hopster-den Otter, D., & ter Beek, M., & Uerz, D. (2020). Building professional development for higher education teachers aimed at innovation with technology. Public publication
  • Molenaar, I., Horvers, A., Dijkstra, R., & Baker, R. (2020). Personalized visualizations to promote young learners’ SRL: The learning path app. In Proceedings of the 10th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge conference, ACM, Frankfurt, Germany.