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Previous seminars

Recordings of the online seminars can be found on our youtube channel: UPCE Platform - YouTube

  • Prof. Dr. Connie Phelps, Emporia State University: Creative Giftedness, Creative Problem Solving, and Futuristic Thinking (March 16, 2022)
  • Prof. Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon, University of Nebraska: Measuring Idea Evaluation: A Review and Future Research (February 7, 2022)
  • Dr. Kim van Broekhoven, Radboud University and Dr. Mihaela Taranu, Aarhus University: The role of expected implementation and iterative processes on children’s creativity (December 7th , 2021)
  • Dr. Rebecca Marrone, University of South Australia: The role of creativity in human and artificial cognition (September 29th, 2021)
  • Dr. Xiaojing Gu, University of ??: Stimulating creativity: Examining the effectiveness of four cognitive-based creativity training techniques (June 28th, 2021)
  • Dr. Mathias Benedek, University of Graz: Advancements in creativity assessment: A psychometric and neuroscience perspective (June 17th, 2021)
  • Dr. Baptiste Barbot, Dr. Anaelle Camarda, Dr. Chrysta Taylor, & Dr. Sameh Said-Metwaly, UCLouvain: Individual differences in creativity and measurement issues (June 9th, 2021)
  • Dr. Inge van de Ven & Dr. Myrthe Faber, Tilburg University: Literary Reading, Mind-Wandering & Creativity (25th May, 2021)
  • Dr. Trinidad Garcia & Tania Pasarín Lavín, University of Oviedo: The Role of Creativity in Learning Disorders and in Special Education Needs (3th May, 2021)
  • Dr. Vlad Glăveanu, Webster University: Educating for possibility: A new agenda for creative education (20th April, 2021)
  • Dr. Elisa Kupers, University of Groningen: Measuring Creativity from Moment to Moment (7th April, 2021)