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Peer Relations Lab Group

Children and adolescents spend a significant amount of time each day in the company of their peers. Together with their peers, children acquire a wide range of skills, attitudes and experiences that influence their cognitive, emotional and social development. Peers are also powerful socialisation agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school and neighbourhood. In this lab group, the importance of peer relations for child and adolescent development is investigated.

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Contact info

Prof. dr. Toon Cillessen

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen
Room: 03.372

Lab group


Research topics and projects

Research topics:

  • Bullying & victimization (Sabine Stoltz, Yvonne van den Berg, Tessa Lansu)
  • Classroom climate (Yvonne van den Berg, Fanny de Swart)
  • Dark triad personality traits (Ilja Küh)
  • Externalizing behaviour (Sabine Stoltz, Ilja Küh, Toon Cillessen)
  • Internalizing behaviour (Lisan Henricks)
  • Implicit measures (Tessa Lansu)
  • Interventions to promote positive peer interactions (Yvonne van den Berg, Sabine Stoltz)
  • Peer influence (Bill Burk, Fanny de Swart)
  • Popularity (Toon Cillessen, Tessa Lansu, Yvonne van den Berg)
  • Proximity in the classroom (Yvonne van den Berg)
  • Social goals and social cognitions (Toon Cillessen, Tessa Lansu)
  • Sociometrics (Toon Cillessen, Yvonne van den Berg)
  • Video game play behaviour (Geert Verheijen)
  • Safe social climate in schools (Hannah Peetz, Nathalie Hoekstra)
  • Interpersonal peer problems and eating behavior (Desi Beckers)

Radboud Summer School 2020

Farewell Ceremony -RSS2016-PRE2 (1)

Last summer, the Peer Relations Lab Group organized a successful Radboud Summer School (RSS) on the topic 'Peer relations and interactions in childhood and adolescence'.

Are you interested in learning more about research on peer relations too? From 6 July - 10 July 2020, we will organize another RSS on this topic. You can find more information here.