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Philosophy of the Social Sciences

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We are a group of philosophers embedded within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Our group provides a platform for creating, reflecting on and sharing perspectives on social science, education and care.
We investigate what is tacitly taken for granted in the language used to talk about issues in these domains, aiming to both clarify and challenge underlying assumptions, values, concepts and arguments. Our transdisciplinary perspective and ambition requires the connection of ideas, practices, and people, both in our teaching and in our research.
We focus on three social arrangements: science, education and care. These arrangements imply, shape and maintain specific normative structures that dominate much of modern life. Science revolves around the growth of knowledge and understanding; education around human development; and care around healing and flourishing.
Understanding these structures and critically evaluating their merits and drawbacks is crucial to addressing the fundamental challenge of our time: to find a way of life for humanity that is truly sustainable.

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