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Radboud Theoretical Psychology

Radboud Theoretical Psychology (RTP) is a biweekly discussion group on Theoretical Psychology for Bachelor, Master and PhD students from Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Behavioral Science and Philosophy of Mind. Theoretical Psychology is an interdisciplinary field which specializes in the creation and evaluation of (neuro)psychological theory and experiments, combining philosophical (including feminist philosophy and critical theory), methodological and statistical perspectives to this end. During meetings, we discuss literature suggested by group members and, sometimes, critically evaluate the work of members who would like feedback. Topics of discussion have ranged from the replication crisis, philosophy of psychiatry, ontological commitments in psychology and complex systems theory to social constructivism, construct validity theory and the interplay between psychology, ideology and self-perception.

The goal of the group is twofold:
(1) to create a welcoming learning community for anyone with an interest in Theoretical Psychology, regardless of level of education or faculty status.
(2) to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between philosophers and scientists by raising awareness of the relevance of philosophy for science.

Group meetings occur biweekly in the Maria Montessori building on Tuesdays, between 16:30-18:00. Anyone interested in Theoretical Psychology and/or any of the topics related above (or further interesting topics!) is welcome to join anytime.

If you want to subscribe to our mailing list, send an email to radboud-theoretical-psychology+subscribe@googlegroups.com, and otherwise contact Freek Oude Maatman (f.oudemaatman@ru.nl) or Sander Bisselink (s.bisselink@ru.nl).