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Scientific Expertise Centre Radboud Talent in Development

About RATiO

The Scientific Expertise Centre RAdboud Talent in Ontwikkeling (RATiO) (Radboud Talent in Development) aims for qualitative excellent scientific research on giftedness and the practical application of the research findings.

Our research is concerned with the characteristics and educational needs of gifted students and their environment, focussing on inter- and intra-individual differences. We acquire our knowledge in an innovative way by combining both fundamental and applied research in cooperation with partners in practice.

We share this knowledge with parties concerned, like educational institutions, teachers and mental health workers, students and their parents, governments and press. The uniqueness of this expertise centre lies in the close cooperation among scientists, scientist-practitioners, and clinical experts. This makes RATiO an expertise centre in which scientific research is de base of practical applications.



Questions about the expertise centre RATiO or our research projects? Or are you interested in collaboration? Please contact RATiO@ru.nl

Research themes

The current educational system is not always sufficiently equipped to deal with individual differences, particularly when it concerns gifted students. The aim of RATiO research is to contribute to the innovation of education, so that all students, including the talented and gifted, receive the education they need.

Our main research themes are

  1. Educational development
    - Educational needs of talented and gifted students
    - Professionalisation of teachers and teacher-students in the field of gifted education
    - Tailored education for gifted and talented students

  2. Characteristics of talented and gifted students
    - Neurocognitive, psychological and behavioural characteristics of talent and giftedness (like creativity, sensitivity, and information processing).

  3. Identification of talented and gifted students
    - Early identification of talent and giftedness in persons
    - Talent development in underserved populations
    - Twice exceptionality
    - Underachievement
    - Motivation
    - Learning potential and dynamic assessment

Koios – dare to question


Professionals and students, working and researching in the field of giftedness, know what beautiful things can emerge from curious minds. We know the power of collaboration and sharing perspectives. It is crucial for our field to connect, share, and interact. We therefore bring to your attention: the international think tank platform Koios; an international platform on giftedness.

Recent publications

Conduct your own (PhD) research?

It is possible to conduct a PhD research within our expertise centre and available vacancy’s will be mentioned on this website. We can also supervise a (PhD) research project under certain conditions if you already have financing. If you are interested to do this, we would like to ask you to send a short research proposal, your CV and a motivation letter to RATiO@ru.nl.

The research proposal should contain a title and short summary (100 words), research topic (700 words), methodological approach (500 words), societal relevance (150 words) and references. We will than contact you and discuss the possibilities.

Theses Supervision

We exclusively supervise theses of students from the Radboud International Training on High Ability (RITHA), and from the bachelor and master programme of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences (Pedagogische Wetenschappen en Onderwijswetenschappen) at Radboud University.