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Overview lab groups

  1. Behaviour Regulation And ChangE Lab (BRACE Lab)
  2. Radboud Social Cognition Lab
  3. Interpersonal processes

Behaviour Regulation And ChangE Lab (BRACE Lab)

Our lives are full of decisions about how to behave. Many psychological mechanisms influence our regulation of these decisions, be it consciously or more unconsciously. For example, attitudes and values can make us decide to eat healthy, but we might fall back into unhealthy eating because of previously learned unhealthy eating habits.

The members of our lab group investigate which psychological mechanisms exactly influence human behaviour and in what way. We study this in a variety of decision-making contexts. Via a thorough experimental approach, we try to understand how these mechanisms can either facilitate (e.g. by motivation or learning competences) or hamper (e.g. because of bad habits or psychological resistance) our health and well-being. With our research, we aim to contribute to a solid foundation for high quality interventions that create enduring behaviour change and stimulate the well-being of our society.


Radboud Social Cognition Lab

The Radboud Social Cognition Lab is a research group located at the Behavioural Science Institute at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our lab consists of social cognition researchers who are specialized in the study of prejudice, implicit bias, personal relations, and face perception. The RSCL conducts open, theory-driven, multi-method research that aims to understand human behavior and make the world a better place for current and future generations. To this end, our research aims to offer novel insights into why people behave the way they do as well as concrete interventions that may help promote equality, health, and well-being. Our lab highly values open research practices and team-science. Therefore, we preregister our work, share research materials and data as much as possible, and participate in (large) team science projects. (www.radboudsocialcognitionlab.nl)

Interpersonal processes

We are a group of researchers studying interpersonal/social processes. The aim of this lab group is to get inspiration as well as new and diverse perspectives on our research. We study a diverse range of topics, including agency and implicit processes, self-transcendental states, attachment, mindfulness, justification of violence, and technology interference in intimate relations, prejudice, and interpersonal persuasion and resistance in the domain of sustainability.

We use multiple research methods, including behavioral experiments, interventions, experience sampling methodology (ESM, aka EMA), systematic review, facial electromyography (EMG), psychophysiology (EEG, skin conductance, heart rate, respiratory rate), psychophysical tests (odor discrimination ability, threshold, identification), and approach-avoidance tasks.

Interpersonal processes