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Bunge, Andrea

Multiple Alliances in Practice – Exploring methodological tools for measuring multiple alliances in home-based family therapy.
Therapeutic alliance is known to be one of the most impactful common factors in the therapeutic context. While much research exists about dyadic alliances, many intricacies of multiple alliances (between multiple persons / a group) remain unclear. For my PhD, I will be examining multiple alliances in the context of home-based family therapy, taking particular interest in systemic dynamics and longitudinal developments of alliance(s). My research intends to explore the potential of various methods to measure multiple alliances, create a methodological toolkit suitable for the therapeutic context, and subsequently empower practitioners to measure their own alliances in practice.
Prof. Dr. Ron Scholte, dr. Marion van Hattum,  dr. Madelon Hendricx-Riem, dr. Fred Hasselman