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Hooijdonk, Kirsten van

Health behaviour and well-being among university students: a longitudinal and focus group approach
Student well-being is a global concern as reflected by the alarming rates of mental health problems and destructive health behaviour among higher education (HE) students. On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted student lives. The proposed study will assess the student well-being and health behaviour status of HE students and study the relationship between these variables using a cross-sectional and longitudinal approach. Moreover, students’ perspective on student well-being and health behaviour will be studied. The obtained knowledge can be used as a starting point in the development of targeted interventions on student well-being and health behaviour.
Prof. dr. Jacqueline Vink, Prof. dr. Sabine Geurts, dr. Tirza van Noorden, dr. Sterre Simons