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Kaijadoe, Shireen

Suicide in residential youth care: "If suicide and suicidal expressions colour our day: what does that mean to you and me?"

In 2016, 48 teenagers took their own lives compared to 81 in 2017 [1]: an increase of 69%. Of these 81 suicides, 26 took place while the youngster received professional care, 10 suicides happened in a residential youth care institution of which 6 suicides took place in secure residential youth care (SRYC) institutes. Our project will investigate how professionals respond to suicidal behaviour, and how suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour of adolescents within residential care groups affect the group climate within SRYC. Furthermore we look at the effect of suicide prevention training on the behavior of professionals working at SRYC.


Prof. dr. Ron Scholte, prof. dr. Arne Popma, dr. Heleen Klip, dr. Karin Nijhof