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Lensen, Bernadette

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Intervention for Elementary School Teachers: Too Soft or a Solution?

Teachers’ workload in primary education has reached unacceptable levels (Grinsven, 2016). Approximately 56% of the teachers experiences high levels of work stress. Compared to other professions teachers are more likely to drop out from work and to develop mental illnesses (CBS, 2017). Due to work stress 18% of the starting teachers chooses another profession within 5 years (TNO and CBS, 2015). There is a need for interventions that reduce experienced levels of stress. In this project, we examine the effectiveness, moderation and mediation of a mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention on stress, self-compassion, mental health, teacher skills and the student-teacher relationship.


Prof. dr. Ron Scholte, prof. dr. Anne Speckens, prof. dr. Marloes Kleinjan, dr. Sabine Stoltz