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Tan, Calorta (Yazhi)

Understanding and preventing Unhealthy Eating in young adults: A Focus on downregulate Automatic Process

Stress may have an impact on subsequent food intake and eating behaviours, especially in the university student population, who reported high level of stress. This research project first explores the longitudinal relationship between stress and food intake and uncontrolled eating and investigates if these relationships differed individually. More importantly, intervention strategies that focus on underlying automatic processes appear to have a more profound effect on eating behaviour change than traditional strategies. As such, this project will also examine the effects of two large Randomized Controlled Trials that intervene that combine mindfulness, Go/No-Go training and physical activity to intervene on unhealthy eating behaviours. Moreover, we will compare whether the combination of these interventions maximizes the benefits(i.e., minimizes unhealthy eating behaviours).


Prof. Jacqueline Vink, dr. Junilla Larsen, dr. Sandra Thijssen