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Vermeij, Bernadette

Effect of early intervention in young children with a Specific Language Impairment.

Children with a Specific Language Impairment (SLI) constitute a heterogeneous group. Difficulties in language acquisition may be reflected in various language domains. Difficulties often are not limited to language proficiency.  For example, children with SLI  also show behaviour problems more frequently than children without SLI and parents experience more often parental stress. In The Netherlands, language intervention for children with SLI starts at the age of two or three. Little is known about the effects of this intervention on various domains of childhood functioning. In this study, we want to examine if early intervention has a positive influence on language development of young children with SLI. In addition, we will investigate whether a positive change in language development contributes to a decrease of behavioural problems in children and stress in parents?


Prof. dr. Ron Scholte, prof. dr. Harry Knoors, dr. Karin Wiefferink