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Current PhD-projects Developmental Psychopathology

PhD-student Project Title
Broek, Nina van den The Dynamic Interplay of Peer and Parent Relationships in Adolescents’ Eating Behavior.
Dieleman, Joyce Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) exposure as a pathway to youth smoking addiction
Griffioen, Nastasia Navigating a Digital World: Smartphones, Social Media & Wellbeing
Karssen, Levie ‘Samen Happie!’: An intervention to prevent early childhood obesity through parenting.
Kochhar, Suhaavi A smartphone game to help youth quit smoking in a social digital environment
Lo, Tak Tsun (Edmund) Emotion differentiation: assessment, development, theoretical significance and clinical relevance
Loheide-Niesmann, Lisa The development of morally relevant behaviour: investigating the influence of maternal trauma, family environment, and hormonal factors
Olthof, Merlijn Changing Landscapes: a complex systems approach to psychopathology and intervention
Remeeus, Melissa The cost-effectiveness of early intervention for emerging borderline personality disorder (MBT-early) in adolescents: a randomized controlled trial
Rijkswijk-Pasman, Joelle van Genetic and environmental risk factors for substance use
Rubio, Milagros Trajectories of heavy alcohol use during the transition to emerging adulthood: the role of cognitive, psychological, and social resilience mechanisms
Spagnuolo, Flavia Promoting prosocial behaviour in antisocial youth: investigating the effects of a combined psychological and biological approach
Tuijnman, Anouk Social Games as Prevention Tools for Depression in Young Adolescents
Wols, Aniek Specific and nonspecific factors in game-based intervention outcomes