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Liakea, Iliana

Enhancing positive memories and mood in women with perinatal depression using a smartphone-based tool
Memory biases, especially the emotional memory bias (EMB) and the overgeneral autobiographic memory (OGM) are the most prominent cognitive processing changes in depression. However, they are not investigated in relation to perinatal depression (PND), even though PND is phenomenologically equivalent to major depressive disorder (MDD) and poses a major public concern. Women with PND represent a vulnerable and underserved group, thus exploring these biases and design adequate interventions is of paramount importance. Memory Bias Modification (MBM) targets these biases and might help the affected women. Thus, the aim of this project is to test the model of memory biases on women with PND and intervene in the memory processes by encouraging specific memories of positive events.
prof. dr. Eni S. Becker, dr. Janna Vrijsen and dr. Karin van Doesum