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Scappini, Agathe

The first session of psychological treatment: the role of common therapeutic factors and therapist responsiveness
Research indicates that several common therapeutic factors (CTFs) can predict the outcomes of psychological treatments. However, we have yet to fully understand how each CTF relates to other CTFs and various treatment outcomes, such as symptom reduction, treatment discontinuation, and remoralization. Most CTFs begin to develop or are already established during the first therapy session. The first session, in turn, is known to significantly influence the course and outcomes of the treatment process. The aim of this project is to investigate the specific impact of different CTFs and clients’ pre-treatment factors on the outcomes of the initial treatment sessions. Particular attention is paid to the role of therapists' responsiveness (i.e., therapists’ ability to adapt their approach to meet the evolving needs of their clients) during the first treatment session.
Prof. dr. Giel Hutschemaekers and prof. dr. Ger Keijsers