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Kapteijns, Bob

Exploring the dynamic relationships between early cognitive, numerical and literacy development: A longitudinal study from kindergarten to second grade.

The development of early math and reading skills, and their relationship with ‘general’ cognitive development, has been the subject of much investigation throughout recent years. Yet, a comprehensive framework of the interrelations between these developmental domains throughout early childhood is still lacking. In this project, we are conducting a longitudinal investigation of early cognitive, numerical and literacy development over a period spanning from kindergarten until the second grade of primary education in a large sample of children (n=220). Our aim is to understand the factors that underlie individual differences in children’s learning trajectories. In addition, school and home predictors (e.g., parental activities, practices and expectations) are included as well, in order to examine the roles of various environmental factors in these developmental dynamics.

Prof. dr. Evelyn Kroesbergen, dr. Anne van Hoogmoed, dr. Marco van de Ven, & prof. dr. Rogier Kievit