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Kielstra, Jolique

ICT support for task-oriented reading behaviour within reciprocal peer tutoring groups in vocational secondary school students
Students in vocational secondary education often experience difficulty with task-oriented reading. Specifically the alignment between task demands and regulation of reading problematic for these students. Yet task-oriented reading is a critical skill to succeed in many subjects in school. Research evidenced that reciprocal peer tutoring (RPT), in which students collaboratively engage in reading tasks, can support students to apply reading strategies. The first study aims to develop an online tool to measure students’ task-oriented reading behaviour. A new measurement instrument is needed as students are increasingly reading information online to complete academic tasks and new tracking methodologies are available to measure task-oriented reading behaviour. This measurement tool will also be the basis for the ICT tool to support RPT and task-oriented reading behaviour. The second study examines the natural development of task-oriented reading behaviour and individual differences among students over 3 months. The third study is a design study for setting design specifications of the ICT tool to support the RPT. This study investigates how scaffolds influence the collaboration between tutor and tutee during RPT. The results will be used to design the ICT tool and the scaffolds within this tool. Finally, the fourth study examines effects of the newly developed ICT tool to enhance reciprocal peer tutoring through scaffolding and consequently develop individual task-oriented reading behaviour.
Prof. Ludo Verhoeven, Prof. Dr. Roel van Steensel & Dr. Inge Molenaar