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Temlali, Ayman

The usability of exergames to promote active living and participation among adolescents with DCD
In the Netherlands, it is estimated that only 33% of Dutch adolescents meet the national physical activity (PA) guidelines. These inactivity rates constitute an even greater health risk for special groups who suffer from motor performance deficiencies such as individuals with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Physical literacy has been proposed to be a suitable explanatory mechanism for the observed physical inactivity reported amongst youth with DCD. In this project, we assume that exergames can develop physical literacy domains which in turn can improve physical activity behaviour. The current project has 2 central aims: 1) to examine the effectiveness of exergames in improving weekly PA levels and reducing sedentary behaviour among Dutch adolescents using objective measures such as accelerometry next to questionnaires; 2) to examine which aspect(s) of physical literacy mediate the effect of exergames on physical activity behaviour in adolescents with DCD. This will in turn inform interventions and policy programs.

Prof. dr. Bert. Steenbergen (promotor), dr. Jessica.M. Lust (co-promotor), dr. Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal (co-promotor)