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Verbeek, Lisa

(A-)typical Developmental Profiles of Young Bilingual Children
There is a lack of knowledge on bilingual development in children with and without developmental language disorders (DLD). Currently, clinical practice primarily focuses on children’s later learned second language (L2). Previous research indicates, however, that children’s L2 development is heavily dependent of their first home language (L1). To investigate the role of children’s home language in learning how to speak and read in Dutch, this research project aims to gain insight into the developmental profiles of bilingual preschoolers with and without DLD, with a specific focus at the dependencies between L1 (Polish and Turkish) and L2 (Dutch). To that end, we will conduct a longitudinal study of children’s early phonological, lexical, and cognitive abilities, as precursors of L2 Dutch reading development. New clinical instruments, such as Speakaboo, will be used to assess bilingual children in their home language.

Prof. dr. Ludo Verhoeven, prof. dr. Constance Vissers, prof. dr. Eliane Segers, dr. Tijs Kleemans