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Vink, Isabelle de

Promoting creative problem solving in 5th grade mathematics education
The aim of this project is to unravel the creative problem solving process in 5th grade mathematics education. Previous research has identified number sense and working memory as predictors of mathematics performance. However, creative problem solving is proposed to be an important, but less investigated, predictor of mathematics achievement. Within this project, it is investigated how creative problem solving, conceptualized in the form of divergent and convergent thinking, is related to mathematics achievement. Furthermore, it will be studied how domain-general and domain-specific child characteristics like number sense and working memory influence this relationship. Based on these findings, lessons will be developed to promote creative thinking within mathematics education. This project is part of a bigger study called ‘Strengthening creativity in math and science education’. As such, in the last phase of this project it will be investigated how transfer of creative thinking skills between mathematics and science can be promoted.
Prof. Dr. Evelyn Kroesbergen, Prof. Dr. Ard Lazonder