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Current PhD-projects LP

PhD-student Project Title
Arts, Elke

Virtual Reality exposure to support and improve socio-communicative skills as well as to reduce behavioural problems of students in both secondary special and inclusive secondary education.

Berkel-van Hoof, Lian van The role of augmentative signs in spoken word learning in deaf/hard-of-hearing children and children with Specific Language Impairment
Bueren, Nienke van Towards identifying a Developmental Framework of Numerical skills from Brain to Behaviour: the added value of Bayesian Optimization and Transcranial Electrical Stimulation
Camminga, Thomas The role of self-directed speech in executive functions and theory of mind in children with developmental language disorder
van Campen, Carolien Multimedia Learning in Children with Dyslexia
Couvee, Sascha Lexical quality in deaf and hard of hearing children
Ekert, Janneke van
Goeloe, Sayenne
Gruhn, Sophie Evaluation and planning of reading instruction: A dynamic perspective
Horssen, Janet van The self-concept of the gifted across the life span
Horvers, Anne From cold to warm technologies: the role of emotion during learning
Huijsmans, Marije Markers of Numerical Development and Dyscalculia
Hulsmans, Daan Changing substance use patterns of youth with mild intellectual disability
Hüsgen, Candela Dog Assisted Therapy for children with behavioural or developmental disorders
Jager, Lieke
Kahmann, Rebecca How teachers’ practices enhance the development of children’s scientific literacy skills
Kielstra, Jolique ICT support for task-oriented reading behaviour within reciprocal peer tutoring groups in vocational secondary school students
Koeiman, Melissa Bilingualism, literacy and school success in the Dutch Caribbean
Krajenbrink, Hilde Motor planning in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Mercelina, Gil-Marie Bilingualism, literacy and school success in the Dutch Caribbean
Monster, Iris Facilitating lexical quality development and enhancement in elementary school children
Mulder, Evelien Fostering word-to-text integration abilities in ESL reading acquisition
Smit, Lidy Effectiveness of a Theory of Mind group treatment in DLD and D/HH
Spruijtenburg, Gwennyth TRansition Into Active Living (TRIAL): Transitions in children going from primary to secondary education
van Swieten, Marlieke
Turhan, Abdullah
Veldhorst, Carlijn Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study Children with Vision Impairments (PLoCC-VI)
Tricht, Lineke van The motivation of gifted, secondary school students from families with low social-economic status
Verbeek, Lisa (A-)typical Developmental Profiles of Young Bilingual Children
Vergeer, Jessica Impact of Activities in Gifted Education (IMAGE)
Vink, Isabelle Promoting creative problem solving in 5th grade mathematics education
Wang, Yiyu Promote Active living through changes in the built environment
Willemsen, Robin Strengthening creativity in elementary science education
Wittelings, Marielle Talented Children and their Educational Needs
Yuan, Han Phonological awareness and early literacy in Chinese-Dutch bilingual children