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Carmel Sofer

Key words

face typicality, social perception.


Carmel’s interest in social face perception started long before he joined the academia, when he was an entrepreneur and manager in global high tech companies. Realizing the influence of trait inference from the face in situations such as an interview or a negotiation was the trigger of Carmel’s research. Carmel granted his MSc degree from Bradford University and his thesis focused on the inconsistency between the relatively high confidence level, by which people make face-based judgments while – on the other hand – expressing their lack ofwillingness to accept face-based judgment in general.


Currently, as a PhD student at the Behavioral Science Institute at Radboud University, Carmel studies the influence of face typicality on different aspects of social perception. His supervisors are Ron Dotsch, Daniel Wigboldus, and Alexander Todorov from Princeton University.


Carmel Sofer