Why grassroots movements addressing displacement in Kenya continue to face challenges

Datum bericht: 6 mei 2019

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The research programme ‘New roles of CSOs for inclusive development’ investigates the assumptions, solutions and problems underlying the civil society 'Dialogue & Dissent’ of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently, all the research groups are conducting the empirical part of their research. The ‘Assumptions blog’ provides insight into the fieldwork of the research groups – the researchers share their on-the-ground experiences through this blog.

This time, Dr Billian Khalayi Otundo of Moi University, from the research group ‘Civil society engagement with land rights advocacy in Kenya: what roles to play?’ (a CAOS research group supervised of Marja Spierenburg en Luuk van Kempen), shares some of her field observations from Kenya.

Read more at: https://includeplatform.net/why-grassroots-movements-addressing-displacement-in-kenya-continue-to-face-challenges-decades-after-independence/