No 25  September

  • Editorial
    -- by Ad Borsboom
  • Andrew Midian, The Value of Indigenous Music in the Life and Ministry of the Church: The United Church in the Duke of York Islands
    -- reviewed by Lars Kjærholm
  • Research Project: The Role of the Catholic Mission in Cultural and Religious Change and Identity Formation in Catholic Christian Communities in Kahua, East-Makira, Solomon Islands
    -- reported by Anne-Marie van Mechelen
  • Calendar of Conferences
  • An Asmat and Mimika Archive: Bibliography Gerard A. Zegwaard
  • Publications Received
  • New Books
  • Recent Publications

No 24  March

  • Annual Report 1998-1999
    -- by Toon van Meijl
  • Investigating Cultures - Styles of Inquiry: Project Description
    -- by Ton Otto
  • Moshe Rapaport (ed.), The Pacific Islands: Environment and Society
    -- reviewed by Ad Borsboom
  • Inventory of the Scholarly Writings of Sibbele Hylkema OFM
    -- by Anton Ploeg
  • Etpison Museum Opens in Palau
  • Pacific News from the Pacific Arts Association
    -- by Wendy Arbeit
  • Calendar of Conferences
  • Publications Received
  • New Books
  • Recent Publications