Global Extraction Film Festival (Film)

woensdag 26 oktober 2022 t/m zondag 30 oktober 2022Plaats in agenda

26-30 October 2022, The Global Extraction Film Festival, launched by Esther Figueroa and Emiel Martens, will present a lot of online documentaries about companies destroying the earth for the need of consumption in modern society.

Esther Figueroa is a a Jamaican writer, linguist and independent filmmaker, known for her films  Jamaica for Sale (2006), Como un relámpago (1996) and Independent Lens (1999).

Emiel Martens (University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam) is the author of Once Were Warriors - The Aftermath: The Controversy of OWW in Aotearoa New Zealand (2003) based on his research supervised by Toon van Meijl (CAOS).

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