External non-funded PhD students

  1. De Reuver, Yvon | Profile page
    Start: 2016
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl
    Project: Identification among Dutch veterans and the role of public recognition and appreciation in this identification process

  2. Heinze, Jerika
    Start: 2017
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl & Joost Beuving
    Project: The loss of a lifestyle? Youth, debt and everyday life under extreme austerity in Greece

  3. Mellaard, Arne | Profile page
    Start: 2013
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl
    Project: Assamblages of domestic violence policy in the Netherlands

  4. Passelewitz, Lenna
    Start: 2018
    Supervision: G. van der Beek & Dirk-Jan Koch
    Project: When IT meets development: How can development project management practice benefit by incorporating agile approaches?

  5. Rana, Zunera
    Start: 2018
    Supervision: G. van der Beek & Dirk-Jan Koch
    Project: Functional fungibility: Determinants and conditions for potentially positive fungibility of development assistance for health in development countries

  6. Warmenhoven, Helmut
    Start: 2013
    Supervision: Paul Hoebink
    Project: How do effects of declining birth rates affect the social and psychological well-bein og students in contemporary China?

  1. De Reuver, Yvon
  2. Gonzales, Roman
  3. Heinze, Jerika
  4. Mellaard, Arne
  5. Passelewitz, Lenna
  6. Rana, Zunera
  7. Warmenhoven, Helmut