RU funded PhD students

  1. Ajal, Benjamin | RU Internationaal Fonds
    Start: 2010
    Supervision: Paul Hoebink, Wouter de Groot & Luuk Knippenberg
    Project: Local community participation in forest conservation in Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda

  2. De Beus, Pieke | RU Funding | Profile page
    Start: 2022
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl, Frederik Borgesius Zuiderveen, Paul Mutsaers & Bernard van Gastel
    Project: Predictive policing and its discriminatory risks

  3. Ekeland, Magnus | RU Funding | Profile page
    Start: 2018
    Supervision: Marja Spierenburg & Luuk van Kempen
    Project: Survival and distribution strategies in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa

  4. Indiyanto, Agus | RU Internationaal Fonds & Gadja Mada University
    Start: 2001
    Supervision: Marja Spierenburg & Edwin de Jong
    Project: Migration, decentralisation and cultural revivalism in West Sumatra, Indonesia

  5. Karmila, Emil | RU Internationaal Fonds
    Start: 2014
    Supervision: Marja Spierenburg & Edwin de Jong
    Project: Oil palm expansion in the frontier zone: Small holder farmers’ challenges for achieving a sustainable livelihood in the midst of rapid agricultural transformation, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

  6. Kuijpers, Simon | RU contract | Profile page
    Start: 2016
    Supervision: Marja Spierenburg, Lau Schulpen, Maurice Gesthuizen & Peer Scheepers
    Project: Volunteering in the Netherlands and abroad: Why, how and with what results?

  7. Kweri, Gerard | RU Internationaal Fonds
    Start: 2017
    Supervision: Marja Spierenburg
    Project: Cultural entrepreneurship: Barriers to sustainable local creative industries: A case study of music economy in Nairobi, Kenya

  8. Merlin Escorza, Cesar | RU contract | Profile page
    Start: 2019
    Supervision: Arnoud Lagendijk, Joris Schapendonk, Tine Davids & Martin Van der Velde
    Project: Bordering, sheltering, navigating: Performativity along two pathways of irregular migration

  9. Nasir, Mohamad | RU Internationaal Fonds | Profile page
    Start: 2015
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl, Edwin de Jong & Laurens Bakker
    Project: National law and regional riches: Contest over natural resources in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

  10. Ubels, Tessa | RU Funded | Profile Page
    Start: 2020
    Supervision: Dirk-Jan Koch, Jochem Tolsma & Sara Kinsbergen
    Project: Mental health and psychosocial support for displaced persons: The unintended consequences

  11. Van der Burgt, Henry | RU funded | Profile Page
    Start: 2017
    Supervision: Toon van Meijl, Joost Beuving & Maurice Gesthuizen
    Project: In dire straits? Meanings and structures of consumer debts in the Netherlands