Gaffari Rahmadian


Project: Everyday Violence in New Natural Resources Frontier of West Kalimantan

Abstract: As a region rich in natural resources Indonesian Kalimantan is undergoing a massive transformation and its resources are exploited more rapidly than ever. Looking at the present condition of Kalimantan, it can be concluded that it has quickly been developed into a large 'new frontier' region, with all the related characteristics that apply for the definition of new frontiers, including violence. The present study is specifically focusing on the role of everyday violence in the competition over natural resources in frontier areas and the extent to which these forms of violence are of influence on the way that conflicts over natural resources turn into violent situations. (between 30 and 50 words) of your research.

Funding: DIKTI

Starting date: November 2013

Supervision: Toon van Meijl and Edwin de Jong