Karolina Lamtiur Dalimunthe


Email: k.dalimunthe@maw.ru.nl and olinku@yahoo.com

Project: Trauma, Social Capital and Growth in Sidoarjo Community Affected by the Lapindo Hot Mud Flow in East Java, Indonesia.

Abstract: This study focuses on the ways in which people from the Porong area (Sidoarjo) have been affected by the Lapindo hot mudflow disaster, which abruptly shifted their social and physical landscape, and specifically how they try to overcome individual and collective suffering. The Lapindo mudflow disaster occurred nine years ago in East Java, Indonesia, and has since that time continued with shocks and waves of mud flows until today.

Funding: DIKTI.

Starting date: October 2013.

Supervision: Toon Van Meijl and Edwin de Jong.