Joost Beuving

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Biographical note
Dr. Joost Beuving (MSc Wageningen University, PhD University of Amsterdam, 2006) received graduate training in tropical agronomy and social forestry. Following graduation he worked several years for the advocacy organization INZET in Amsterdam where he became interested in economic and social anthropology. He specialized in these fields when working as a (post) doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam and the VU University.

Research interests
His main research interest is the study of everyday economic life, especially focusing on entrepreneurship and problematic debt. During the past fifteen years he carried out extensive ethnographic fieldwork in various African countries and in Europe. He published journal articles and book chapters on (African) entrepreneurship, Euro-African trade, and debt, and reviewed academic books on a variety of topics. His broader interest is methodological: with Geert de Vries he published the academic textbook The Craft of Naturalistic Inquiry (Amsterdam University Press, 2015). He is a member of the advisory editorial board of ‘Africa’ as well as editorial board member of the Dutch-Flemish journal ‘Kwalon’. He coordinates various research projects and supervises PhD students specialising in farmers’ economic behaviour (NUFFIC) and problematic debt (NISCS).

Congress Citizen Science 
In collaboration with Kwalon and the Context Network, I co-organize the congress ‘Citizens in social research? Methodology and practice of citizen science, participatory research and action-research. Date and Venue: September 30, University of Amsterdam. More information about the program can be found here.

In Nijmegen he teaches economic anthropology and development studies. He also supervises anthropological thesis projects (BA & MA). Earlier he designed and taught courses in anthropology, sociology and ethnographic research methods at VU, UvA, and at the Amsterdam University College.

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Function: Lecturer and researcher
Department: Anthropology and Development Studies, Radboud University