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Career Central manual for alumni

On this page you will find a step-by-step explanation about the Career Central platform. Here you can find out how to log in, how to respond to vacancies, how to get in touch with other alumni and how to stay involved with Radboud University.


Get on board!

Do you want to get started right away?
Then go to Career Central!

How to create a profile?

  1. Click on the button 'get on board' to request a profile. Enter your details here that are known to the RU (such as email address and maiden name).
  2. To ensure that the registration process goes well, a Career Central employee will check and confirm your details within two working days. Do the data not match? A Career Central employee will then contact you to adjust this information.
  3. Complete your profile. Your Radboud education(s) and the associated skills are automatically entered in your profile. You can also add your own knowledge and experiences. Finally, you can upload a profile picture.
  4. You can immediately start networking and respond to vacancies that match your profile!


Application process

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Therefore, the platform is based on fair matching based on matching skills and knowledge. Based on this, you will only see the vacancies that match your profile. Are you interested in one of the matched vacancies? Press apply and send a short motivation. After that, it is important that you regularly check "pending requests". Here you can see the status of your application. The employer then chooses whether or not to invite you for an interview. Only after you have been invited for an interview will the employer receive your personal data.


Stay involved

Under institutions you can indicate whether you want to help students or other alumni. For example, you can indicate that you are open to a chat, giving a guest lesson or fulfilling a mentor role. As an alumnus/alumna you receive a credit for Career Central every year. You can also earn extra credits by volunteering as a guest lecturer or mentor. You can then easily pass these credits on to your employer. Your employer can use these credits to post internships and vacancies.



The 'Social' button will take you to your network. Here you will find an overview of all students and alumni on the platform and you can send a connection request.


In the feed you can read all recently posted messages from alumni and students. For example, you can post a poll or announce a reunion.


You can join groups on the left side of the page. Content is shared in these groups. As an alumnus/alumna, you can also share and respond to content yourself.

Your employer on Career Central

As an alumnus/alumna you receive a free credit every year. You can also earn extra credits through various activities. Your employer can use these credits to post vacancies for free. For more information, see the employers page.

Career Central for employers