Career Central manual for staff

Career Central manual for staff

On this page you will find a step-by-step explanation about the Career Central platform. Here you can find out how to log in, how to get in touch with students, alumni and organisations, how to forward vacancies and how to share content in groups


Log in

Do you want to get started right away?
Then go to Career Central!

How to create a profile?

  1. Log in easily to Career Central with your u-number and password.
  2. Complete your profile. Your Radboud education(s) and the associated skills are automatically entered in your profile. You can also add your own knowledge and experiences. Finally, you can upload a profile picture.
  3. You can start networking right away!



The 'social' button will take you to your network. Here you will find an overview of all students and alumni on the platform and you can send a connection request. At 'find alumni volunteers' you can search for alumni who are open to, for example, giving a guest lecture or chatting with students. When this is accepted you can chat with this person under 'messages'. If you want to get in touch with organizations, you can look at 'companies' under the heading 'career'.


Share content

You can join groups on the left side of the page. Content is shared in these groups. As an employee you can also share and respond to content yourself. If you want to share something, click on the relevant group and then on the 'new post' button. Everything that is shared in the groups you are a member of appears in your personal 'feed'. This is the homepage of the platform.


Share vacancies

The organizations that have created a company profile on Career Central can post vacancies. You can view all vacancies via 'opportunities' under the heading 'career'. If you want to share a vacancy with others you can click on 'share' to get the link. With this link you can forward the vacancy, for example by e-mail or a Brightspace message.