Learn more about networking through Career Central here. You can make new connections with other students and employees, but also find alumni who are willing to help you on your way in your career! When you log in to Career Central you will see the 'social' button at the top of the feed. If you click on this you can proceed to 'network'.

Discover new connections

At 'discover' you can find anyone with an account on the platform! Using the filter options you can indicate whether you want to discover people with a specific role, education or job in a certain industry. There is also the option to search for alumni and filter on specific roles. Alumni can indicate in their profile how they are willing to help you! When you click on 'send request' to a specific person, a connection request is sent and the other person can accept it. When the request has been accepted and you have made a new connection, you will receive a notification.

My connections

On this page you will find an overview of all connections you have made through Career Central. Here you can open a chat with these connections. You can also easily open the chats via 'messages' in the main menu.

Find alumni volunteers

Career Central offers the opportunity to make contact with Radboud Alumni in an accessible way. When creating a profile on Career Central, alumni can indicate whether they are open to one or more voluntary roles. With the filter options you can indicate exactly what you are looking for. If you choose to consult an alumni volunteer, complete the process properly. Alumni receive a credit for posting a vacancy if they remain involved with Radboud University in this way. Below is indicated per role what it entails and what it can do for you as a student!

Open for a chat
Chat about any professional or academic topic that may interest students and other alumni. For example, if you are curious about someone's career experience, organization or thesis, you can send these alumni a connection request and chat message!

Giving guest lectures
Giving lectures about the professional field or research area. If you are looking for a speaker for a guest lecture or lecture, these alumni have indicated that they are open to this. You can make a proposal by means of a connection request and chat message.

Guiding young professionals with internships and jobs. If you are looking for someone who can help you with an internship or entry-level job, contact an alumni who has indicated that they want to fulfill a mentorship role. 

Network sharing
When you can use a good network to find the right person for a job, internship or other activity, you can approach these alumni to ask if they want to share a connection from their network with you!

Alumni who have indicated that they want to be ambassadors are open to facilitating new connections that are beneficial to all parties.

Find Radboud employees

Of course it is also possible to send a connection request to your lecturers and other employees of Radboud University. This way you can stay in touch with these employees even after graduation. Employees also have the option to share interesting vacancies with you via Career Central.