Are you a Radboud University student or a recent graduate? Radboud Career Service can help you with career orientation to prepare for your future. We will keep you informed of interesting events, training courses, vacancies and the latest developments in the labor market.

Each faculty has its own Career Officer who you can turn to for advice and coaching. They can refer you to the Study and Career Advisors if you need advice or have doubts about your choice of study or career orientation in conjunction with a disability.

Are you an international student and are you thinking about working in the Netherlands? You can make an appointment with Career Officer Fieke Maas ( for more information about finding a job in the Netherlands.

Find your faculty here:

Career Officers

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

Ignace de Haes-DvA-159803LR

Ignace de Haes | | Website Career Service Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious StudiesMake an appointment

Faculty of Arts

Margriet Joosten-DvA-156724

Margriet | Website Career Service Faculty of Arts | Make an appointment

Nijmegen School of Management

Profielfoto Jitske okt 2019Steffi

Jitske Rassa  en Steffi van | Website Career Service Nijmegen School of Management | Make an appointment

Faculty of Medical Science

Hanneke Santegoets-DvA-159776LR Foto_Suzanne Heemskerk klein

Hanneke Santegoets and Suzanne | Website Career Service Faculty of Medical SciencesMake an appointment

Faculty of Law


Jitske | Website Career Service Faculty of Law (in Dutch) | Make an appointment

Faculty of Science

Wencke Kieft-DvA-159834 Fieke Maas-DvA-156698

Wencke Kieft and Fieke | Website Career Service Faculty of Science | Make an appointment

Faculty of Social Sciences

Sophie Raaijmakers-DvA-156707

Sophie Raaijmakers | Website Career Service Faculty of Social Sciences |Make an appointment