Career Central for Employers

Career Central is an innovative and well-organized platform with internships and vacancies for students and alumni of Radboud University. The platform is not only intended for posting vacancies: it is a community. There is contact and guidance between (former) students and there is room to share insights, courses and events about career and development. The platform offers you the opportunity to present your organization to our (former) students. It is the way to present your organization to university-trained talent.

Get on board!

Curious how it works? Have you not been in contact before* and would you like to create a new profile? Then click on the button below.

Selection on Skills
To promote equal opportunities, you can see which students are the best match for your internship or vacancy. On the basis of skills, skills, personal description and possibly a motivation, you invite (former) students for an interview. You will then gain insight into the person who applied.

Everything in one place
There is now one place for all fields of study and specializations to place your internships and vacancies. And that place is easily accessible, for everyone within your organization.

Employer branding
With your organizational profile you will already be visible to students during their studies. If you have previously hired (former) students, they can also inform and enthuse others about your organization.

Reliable matches
The skills that students develop by following a course are unambiguously defined and included as Radboud-endorsed. That gives confidence in the quality of the matches.

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Costs and Credits

We value our relations: creating an organizational profile and placing internships is free of charge for Radboud relations. In addition, you will receive a 'gift' from the posting of a first vacancy. You will receive a 'credit' for this: the currency on the platform. Each credit is worth €50 ex. VAT. The following vacancies cost 1 credit each.

These credits can be purchased and earned. If an alumnus/alumna gives a lecture for the university or supervise others, they earn a credit for each activity. Alumni are then gifted 1 credit every year.

*Relationships will receive an invitation during the course of the academic year and will receive a first credit as a gift. Has this invitation not (yet) arrived, but would you like to get started? Send a message to

If you have any questions, please contact us via