Jobs you didn't know existed

"What do you do after the study philosophy?" That was the question Hannah de Roos often asked herself during her Philosophy studies. And when she finished her Master's in Continental Philosophy, it was time to answer that question. The Radboud Career Day gave her surprising career ideas.


Hannah enjoyed studying Philosophy at Radboud University, but she didn't really have an idea about what she would do after her studies. "During a conversation with the faculty's Career Officer and at the Radboud Career Day, things started to dawn on me," she says. She came across jobs and employers she didn't know existed. Or that she had never thought of for herself, as a philosopher. So, working as a fundraiser came into the picture and she got information about traineeships at VGZ and UWV. In fact, these appealed to her so much that she applied for a traineeship at VGZ and UWV after the Radboud Career Day. "Unfortunately, they didn’t choose me...", says Hannah, "but if we learn anything as philosophers, it is that nothing goes or is as it seems!". And with that in mind, she continued her search for a great job.

Not long after, Hannah received a LinkedIn message from her current employer; a service provider that guides organisations towards successful tendering. "It was an incredibly nice message!" says Hannah. And this first contact grew into a job Hannah never thought of for herself beforehand. For six months now, she has been writing winning plans for tenders in infrastructure as a tender specialist. She constantly puts her philosophical skills to use, as she reads through texts, finds out the question behind the question and reads and writes a lot.

So well, what do you do after studying philosophy? Take a traineeship, work as a fundraiser or tender specialist. For example...

Would you also like to gain more insight into your options and/or meet different employers? Come to the Career Day on 13 April and broaden your horizons!