In addtion to the regular reasearch and teaching tasks the Centre for International Conflict - Analysis & Management (CICAM) does have a faculty trancending task in the field of education, research and societal services.

Prof.dr. Désirée Verweij holds the endowed chair 'Normative and policy dilemma of multilaterial peace operations, which is co-sponsored by Pax. As professor by special appointment she conducts research and provides lectures.
De chair was established in 1998 and was occupied by prof.dr. Ann Pauwels until 2008. Her inaugural lectures was entiteld Een 'nieuw' VN-beleid ten aanzien van de vredesoperaties. Mythe of realiteit?
Ann Pauwels was succeeded by prof.dr. Désirée Verweij.

CICAM staff member regularly provide advice to organisations in the field of conflict, peace building and development.

  • W. Verkoren, A consultancy on monitoring and evaluation of the Applied Research Transformation Studies (ACTS) programme for the British NGO Responding to Conflict (RTC).
  • W. Verkoren, A study for Pax Christi Netherlands to document its role in the Northern Ugandan peace process.

CICAM's research focuses on large scale conflicts, which are violent in nature or causes a threat of war. The emphasis is on the dynamics of conflict intervention and strategies for post-conflcit peacebuilding. More information.

The education of the CICAM is directed by scientifically important themes and research areas regarding international conflicts. In addition, the CICAM students enables socially relevant topics that are outside the regular curriculum of their discipline. The courses of the CICAM offer students a cross-disciplinary approach to the science of war and peace. The courses - partly taught in English - rejoice in a great interest of students from different faculties and universities. More information

Members of CICAM staff maintain relations with Dutch and foreign media. Through newspapers, magazines, radio and television CICAM staff share its insights an knowledge in the field of international security policy. Media know how to find CICAM in the preparation of programs and articles on current polemological relevant developments.
Employees of the CICAM are regularly invited to give lectures at home and abroad, for both academic and non-academic audience.
visit the pages of the individual CICAM employees for their publications.