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Research groups

At the Centre for Language Studies, researchers are affiliated with a research group. Each group has a research focus as a binding factor. Within, but also between groups, researchers work together wherever possible.

Cognitive and Developmental Aspects of Multilingualism

The goal of the research group is to understand and explain the development, representation and processing of multiple languages during the lifespan.

First Language Acquisition

In the First Language Acquisition group we investigate young children's acquisition of sounds and words in both perception and production and their relationship, and the factors influencing this acquisition process.

Grammar and Cognition

The research group investigate the factors guiding hearers and speakers in the interpretation and production of words, phrases and sentences in context.

Language Learning, Teaching and Testing

This research group focuses on (instructed) language acquisition in both second and foreign language contexts, taking the perspective of the language learner, language teacher and/or language tester.

Language and Speech, Learning and Therapy

The group encompasses two research domains: language learning and speech
and language therapy, which have in common that they need to ground
teaching and therapy on both theoretical insights and empirical practice.

Language and Speech Technology

The group researches and develops computational methods for the comprehension and generation of text and speech. Methods are evaluated intrinsically, and their utility is tested in real-world applications.

Language Variation in 4D

This research group focuses on the complex processes driving language variation and change, by focusing on the internal structure of the language system, geographical space, social dimensions and/or time.

Multimodal Language and Cognition

The group investigates ways in which language can be expressed through multiple modalities, such as visual (e.g., gestures used by hearing communities and sign languages created by Deaf communities) and auditory (speech) modalities and interactions among them.

Narrative, Cognition and Communication

The group does experimental as well as corpus-based work related to the understanding and appreciation of narratives. Objects of investigation range from literary narratives to narrative journalism and narrative health communication.

Non-nativeness in Communication

The group investigates what happens when non-natives engage with natives or other non-natives in communication.

Persuasive Communication

The group investigates how argumentative, narrative, and stylistic message features evoke and guide cognitive and affective processes that ultimately determine the receivers' attitudes, intentions, and behaviour.

Sign Language Linguistics

The research group of hearing and deaf linguists investigates the structure and use of international sign and sign languages such as Sign Language of the Netherlands and Kata Kolok.

Speech Production and Comprehension

The group focusses on listeners' ability to understand speech in everyday challenging conditions, including speech perceived in noisy or distracting conditions and speech containing reduced pronunciation variants, hesitations, and disfluencies.