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What's involved in taking part?

When you sign up, one of our researchers will come to your home or - if possible - to your child’s school to play a number of games with your child. Naturally, this will be at a time that best suits you and your child. These games are a fun and child-friendly way of studying your child’s language abilities, as well as other skills related to language, such as memory.

Together with the researcher, you will also complete a questionnaire about, among other things, your child’s language history. If we visit your child at school, we will make an appointment to go through this questionnaire by phone (or via skype), again at a time which is convenient to you.

To prevent them from getting tired, we generally plan to see children on two separate occasions. Both you and your child will receive a small gift to thank you for taking part in the project. In our experience children can (sometimes) be a little apprehensive about taking part but they also really enjoy it!

To give you a better idea about the tasks we’ll use, here are a few examples: