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Peer feedback and higher-order aspects

This study aims to investigate whether dialogic peer feedback (1) results in conversations in which higher order aspects are discussed more than in non-dialogic peer feedback, and (2) leads to more text revisions of higher order aspects than non-dialogic peer feedback.

Automatic analysis of metaphor in Covid communication

News reports about the pandemic provide an enormously rich data set for communication research: How was the pandemic communicated? How did that communication change over time? And now that the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, what can we learn about public communication about illness and health?

Multilingual corpora: Mode switches

On the basis of multilingual corpora an analytical tool will be developed and tested in this project in which mode switch is operationalized.

Finding de-escalation strategies

This project investigates what expectations language users have of conflict, resolving disagreements and helping out, by further developing a Twitter-corpus.

Multilingualism at school and in society

In this project, an (online) workshop will be developed in which students' (10-12 years old) language and cultural awareness will be appealed to by introducing them to their own language potential.