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Research Assistants

Our research assistants assist the G&C members with various tasks, such as preparing and testing for experiments, and organising data.

Elsa Opheij

Elsa Opheij


Iris Faber

iris_faber 3


Honours students

Honours students of the Faculty of Arts have the opportunity to train their research skills by conducting their own research project under the supervision of one or more senior researchers. The following students are currently undertaking research projects within Grammar and Cognition.

Harvey Haans

harvey.haans@student.ru.nl Harvey Haans

Harvey is a Bachelor’s of Linguistics. In his Honours project, he is investigating expressions in Dutch that use the past tense, but refer to events in the future (e.g. “Hoe laat begon de voorstelling vanavond?”). He wants to find out why the past tense can be used like this and how this affects the use of the past tense in other contexts.