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Recent increase in treatment requests for transgender care


  • Prof. Anna van der Vleuten, hoofdaanvrager (Nijmegen school of management)
  • Dr Chris Verhaak (Radboudumc)
  • Prof. Enny Das (Faculty of Arts)
  • Dr Wyke Stommel (Faculty of Arts)
  • Dr Marion Wasserbauer (Platform Diversity in Sex and Gender)

Time frame

January 2022 – December 2022

Project description

A strong increase in the number of transgender people (especially trans men and young people) has led to a strong increase in the demand for transgender care in the Netherlands. The nature of the demand for care has also changed. Various explanations are given for the increase, but a scientific foundation is still lacking. Good insight into the reasons for the increase and into underlying social processes is desired to achieve a better match between care wishes (from transgender persons) and treatment offerings. This study aims at answering three related why-questions:

  1. How can we explain the increase in (specific groups of) transgender persons?
  2. How can we explain the increase in demand for transgender care?
  3. How can we explain change in the nature of demand for care?


Gender, transgender care, Netherlands, interdisciplinary research

Project website




  • Radboudumc
  • Transgender Netwerk Nederland (Welkom bij Transgender Netwerk Nederland)
  • Principle 17 (Principle 17 | Voor het recht op de hoogste standaard van trans*zorg),
  • Transvisie (Transvisie – Voor Transgender mensen, Transseksuelen, Genderzoekers en hun Naasten)


Prof. Enny Das, enny.das@ru.nl